Bags care

GRIE bags are designed to serve you for many years. We care about the quality of every detail – from threads and paint on the cuts to the leather and coating of fittings. You probably already know – we service suitcases all the time after purchase, but by following some rules of use, you can keep your GRIE as new for longer.

Let’s start with the main rule:

1. Repair and stain removal entrust to professionals. That is us.

Self-care and cleaning are safe if there are no large stains and dirt. But the best thing you can do for your bag in case of a stain – write to us, adding a photo to the message. We will advise you on the best course of action – send the bag to us for rehabilitation, take it to a dry cleaner, or tell you what tools to use yourself.

2. Do not use wet wipes, vinegar, or stain removers to clean.

All these products have an aggressive chemical environment, which can damage the color, dry the skin, and create many more unpleasant problems.

3. Be sure to wipe moisture from the bag.

This way you will not allow the leather surface to deteriorate under the influence of water

4. Do not touch the bag after using hand cream.
Otherwise, greasy stains, and with them, the subsequent cost of dry cleaning will not have to wait.

5. Do not forget about the anther.
We sell bags in anthers not only for beauty. The best way to keep your bags free of dust and dirt while you’re at it is yet to come up. Storage is also part of caring for a genuine leather bag.

6. Always test special equipment before use.
You can do this on the inside of the bag, which no one sees.

7. Do not leave the bag in direct sunlight.
The sun can cause color burnout and even damage to the leather surface of the bag.

8. Try not to carry light bags with dark clothes.
The dye used in the manufacture of clothing can leave marks on the bag. It will not be easy to remove them even for professionals.