Backpack Major Black

Spacious casual leather backpack with braided handle and lock


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Comfortable and extremely roomy backpack. You can use it for short trips, as well as hand luggage during flights. One of the GRIE backpacks’ main advantages is that they can be locked with a special key. This is a very helpful feature if you are in the crowd — no one will open the bag without your permission. Feel free to wear it behind your back, even in a crowded place.

It has a laptop compartment on the backside, one large and two small pockets on the front side, as well as a zippered pocket-divider in the center. Outside it has three pockets — two in front and one on the back. The length of the shoulder straps is adjustable. Four metal legs on the bottom of the backpack protect it from damage.


Dimensions 39 × 16 × 36 cm